John Galloway welcomes BBC's new inclusive online materials

NNC's 'Wanna be a Rockstar!"Wanna be a Rockstar" is the latest addition to BBC Classclips treasure trove of more than 400 films and animations providing good quality materials for classroom use.

This material for helping to teach pupils with more demanding learning difficulties is part of a rich vein of materials that will enrich learning for pupils of all ages and abilities. From exploring National Cycle Routes, to creating 3d maps and playing Hopscotch in Chinese, there is something for just about any lesson.

Within the collection are materials for students with a range of special educational needs, including those with severe learning difficulties. Along with  films about washing your hands, respecting other people's property and online safety, there are also some that tackle more difficult subjects such as periods, masturbation, and getting a girlfriend.

Unsurprisingly "Wanna be a Rockstar!" is about music and performance, using professional musicians to create an authentic vibe with students from North London special schools fronting the band. The format is one of demonstration and  response, with each film playing through once, then being repeated to let the audience have a go themselves. With counting songs, mood music, rock and roll, African drumming, and ensemble stamping, clapping and humming plenty of ground is covered.

The infectious enthusiasm of the performers, and the high production values – think Glee meets Jools Holland – make these films enjoyable and engaging.  London Gamelab, who created them for the BBC, has got a hit on its hands.

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John GallowayJohn Galloway works as advisory teacher for ICT/SEN and inclusion in Tower Hamlets, London, and as a freelance writer and consultant.  He is the author of Harnessing Technology for Every Child Matters and Personalised Learning and runs his own blog.


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