The experience of getting into college should be as polished as the experience students have been told to expect when they arrive. And admissions systems failures can be costly and put a college’s reputation on the line.

According to WisePay, its new 24/7 online Course Booking and Enrolment Service will not only simplify the booking and payment processes for courses, it will also improve the student experience and reduce administration costs.

Designed for institutions that offer short courses, evening classes or adult education, the flexible service allows colleges to promote courses online with images, descriptions and payment details. Moreover, admission forms can be tailored accordingly. For example they can be set up to request simple contact details or be extensive asking for relevant experience which might be needed to gauge suitability for particular courses.  

It is no doubt challenging for college admissions teams juggling student numbers and making sure they have all the information they need to determine the viability of a course. With this new system they can see all payments received by course type and therefore real-time student registration numbers. Being able to decide if it is worth running a course at any point in the registration process should go some way to help avoid confusion and pressure.

WisePay already has an extensive portfolio of cloud-based online administration services for education. According to the company’s managing director Sarah Phillips, their mission is to ensure quick anytime anywhere access for schools, colleges, parents and students. That includes via mobiles phones and tablets and perhaps more important, a seamless integration of all their education services with whatever MIS system is already being used by an institution - not just with its own platforms.  

So living up their motto, the Course Booking and Enrolment service apparently does that with all payment options a college could need available in one place. And by linking to the WisePay communications hub emailing and texting service, colleges can also use it as a marketing tool contacting students when a new course becomes available or the registration deadline is approaching.

Already benefiting is Exeter College. It uses the service for its external site Haven Banks, which runs outdoor education courses for existing students and the public. The college wanted to promote coursers but also needed to be able to list options for equipment hire and special offers such as sibling discounts. Now it is able to simplify the booking and payment process for Haven Banks customers and administration staff with all information available on one online platform but tailored for each institution.

“We designed this service to help colleges embrace the digital age in the way they process bookings, recruit students and market their courses,” Says Sarah Phillips.

“There are huge benefits to taking payment processes online, and we have made this service as flexible and user-friendly as possible to help colleges take advantage of them.” 

More information:

  • all services are centrally managed on a single platform
  • access rights for staff members are determined by their needs, roles and responsibilities
  • flexible suite of services that fully integrate with bank account(s), student/customer records, financial ledgers, cashless catering POS tills, document management and door entry systems  
  • single or bundled subscription options
  • onsite training and on-going support for every school and college  


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