Dutch greenhouse

Ex-head Jim Wynn advises governments on changing learning. He believes point-of-learning tech will transform assessment

Educators have a lot in common with gardeners. But instead of growing fruit and vegetables we grow successful humans.

However, while agriculture adopts technology for radical change, education struggles to grasp its most exciting possibility. And that is to embrace technology to achieve what all educators want — to help everyone realise their potential both as individuals and as effective members of society

Students with Workbooks

Schools get more mobile tech choice with keyboards and pens from ‘the LearnPad people’

Schools reluctant to follow others down Apple’s iPad route have been vindicated by far greater choice and value for money — and that now includes £200 10.1-inch Windows 10 tablets with affordable keyboards and digital pens.

Avantis, the innovative company behind the low-cost Android LearnPad tablets with eponymous management system for schools and ClassCharge wireless charging racks, has launched a groundbreaking ‘Workbook’ tablet with two important features that stand out from those available to users of most iPads — integrated clip-on keyboards and pressure-sensitive digital pens.

Petra eMag

A 1.7m-strong online learning community created by Finnish teachers now has its own monthly magazine

Primary pupils aged 7-11 get to go on a world tour of places, peoples and customs with a new interactive e-magazine through Petra's Planet Share, a "social platform for learning" created with Finnish teachers.

The Petra's Planet magazine, developed by Finnish company Dramaforum, reflects the Nordic approach to learning — "fun, quality content, and cultural and environmental awareness with the concept of global citizenship", and schools can get it free for half a term.

Achieve online

No such thing as a free lunch? Primary schools have the next best thing with 'Achieve Online'  

With the key stage 2 maths SATs results due, it’s an opportune time for schools to be thinking about their strategies for next year.

That’s why publisher Rising Stars is stepping in with a new online revision service for Year 6 children to help them succeed in the tests. It's called Achieve Online Mathematics, and the good news is that this high-quality product, which would normally cost £200-500 is free for a year.

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Margaret Allen on why evolving edtech is just one part of the story when it comes to reading

Having spent time inside and outside of the classroom, firstly using educational technology solutions and then later on helping to develop them, I’ve had the unique opportunity to experience what it’s like on both sides of the fence.

Teachers are obviously key to all activity in the classroom, but I do believe that the biggest challenge for most is ensuring that technology is a purposeful enhancement and not just an obligatory adjunct.