Lord David Puttnam
By John Galloway

"For 30 years I made movies, and each movie is an innovation in itself," explains Oscar winning Lord David Puttnam (above), speaking in that clear, soft, easily recognisable voice amidst the background buzz of the House of Lords visitors bar. "You start off with an idea and your job over a period of months, or years, is to bring it to the screen. If you didn't have either the guts, or the tenacity, or the patience to do that, you can't be a film maker." All of which are qualities he believes are necessary to see any innovation through; many of which he has to his credit, including several in education, one of his passions.

By Bob Harrison
Louise DuncanLouise Duncan: maven with mobile learningWhen Louise Duncan set off from Australia on a five-week tour of US and UK schools – part of the Lindsay Thompson Teaching Fellowship she won in 2009 for successfully embedding ICT into her school’s curriculum – the  Handheld Learning 2009 conference in London was one of the first stops on her schedule.

As one of the conference speakers it was her job to inspire her audience, a task made more difficult when her slot was at the end of a long day. But her story (video here) of how the Studywiz mobile learning platform and the iPod Touch helped revolutionise teaching and learning at Shepparton High School, in the Hume Region of Australia, won them over.

Almost like any other resource? Dawn Hallybone hands out the Nintendos

By Maureen McTaggart
Dawn Hallybone’s eureka moment came during a subject leaders’ meeting while listening to a presentation from her borough’s then ICT consultant, Anthony Evans, about a classroom revolution happening in Scotland.

“As soon as I heard what they were doing, I thought, wow, I’d like to get my hands on some of those Nintendo DS consoles,” she says, sitting back with what can only be described as an elated grin, reliving the moment it hit her that games and gaming consoles could be powerful tools for learning in classrooms.

Steve MillsSteve Mills with his Teaching AwardPersistent emails from an 11-year-old schoolboy earned his teacher a behind-the-scenes visit to Manchester City FC and congratulations on his teaching from former England player Mike Summerbee.

Year 6 pupil Ben Hankin, a Liverpool fan, emailed Man City after his teacher, Steve Mills (left), deputy head of  William Ransom Primary School, Hitchin, won the UK Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School (2009). A lifelong fan and season ticket holder at Man City, Steve will get the honours on Sunday (April 11).

By Gerald Haigh

Dan RiobertsThe funky chicken: aka Dan RobertsZagreb, Croatia, 22 March 2008
A successful professional – a senior teacher no less – steps up to make a presentation to an international audience of his peers, all leading practitioners in their home countries. He immediately captures their attention, not only by his evident enthusiasm for his subject, but because this fully grown adult male is dressed from head to foot in a bright yellow chicken costume tastefully picked out with red accoutrements.

Yes, it’s Dan Roberts, celebrated chicken-related assistant head and head of science at Saltash.net Community School – in Cornwall, just across the Tamar from Plymouth.