Ewan McIntoshChannel 4's ground-breaking move to cross-platform broadcasting - or even networking - has been an engaging counterpoint to the debacle of BBC Jam, particularly as a key architect is Matt Locke who had formerly languished as the BBC's head of innovation. And the channel's credibility and kudos has risen further with its appointment of Learning and Teaching Scotland's Ewan McIntosh (pictured) as digital commissioner for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

russell PrueEver since he made his name as RM's in-house evangelist, Russell Prue has turned educators on to ICT for learning right across the UK. He does it so well, and with perfect stage manner, timing and humour, that you wonder whether there could ever be canned Prue.

Now there is, because Russell has donned cans and a microphone and is running his own radio show from his Anderton Tiger web space. He was at Bafta this week to catch Stephen Heppell's excellent Be Very Afraid showcase of a selection of the best, innovative ICT in schools (and he caught me too). You can hear it, his second live show at 4pm today (Wednesday) and you can also catch it afterwards as a podcast from his web space.

David PuttnamDavid Puttnam (pictured) painted a positive backdrop of the creative, collaborative lifestyles many young people are developing with support from their digital technologies to foreground the alarming gap between those experiences and the ones they endure at many schools.

Speaking at Handheld Learning 2008 in London, he found common ground with conference organiser Graham Brown-Martin in questioning the absence of major producers of mobile and gaming technologies from important initiatives like the Government’s home task force.

“Knowledge and understanding” are the two pillars on which everything else stands, he said. “The future is a race between education and catastrophe,” he added, and there must only be one winner, “education”.

You can view Lord Puttnam’s closing keynote, impressive in its breadth and critical insights, along with the other HHL2008 keynotes at

Mutlu Ekiz picKaya Village Art Camp, run by the Ekiz family just outside Fethiye in Turkey, is a magical place offering a full range of digital creativity experiences for learners who also want to enjoy a holiday in beautiful surroundings (written about on these pages HERE).

Anyone with an interest in photography will be beguiled by the beautiful photographs of Eastern Turkey shared on Facebook in a presentation by course leader Mutlu Ekiz which can be seen here:

The Kaya Art Camp Facebook group is here: