Rachel Orr likes the practical approach and effectiveness of the new 'Make it Right' books
coversme1The new primary curriculum that started in September 2014 shows a greater focus on spelling. Ceri Williams’ Make it Right books (part of the Spelling Made Easy series) support teachers in delivering quality spelling programmes in a variety of ways.

If you are looking for a resource which will have high impact but low maintenance in supporting the teaching and learning of spelling, then the Make it Right series ticks all those boxes.

The link to phonics is indicated within each activity. Teachers will be able to analyse phonic ability as well as spelling ability and highlight where groups of children are having difficulties. Teachers will be able to use the Make it Right series to target specific phonic and spelling difficulties. These activities can be used with children to: identify incorrect spellings; proofread and edit the incorrect spellings; carry out dictation tasks to support spelling word patterns and families that are causing difficulties; run cloze procedure tasks.

coversme2As a photocopiable resource, the Make it Right series enables teachers to dip in and out using the appropriate sections to match children’s needs. The activities can be used independently, by small groups or the whole class when assessing strengths and areas to improve. The activities show spelling in context and not simply as a list of common misspelled words or tricky words in the form of a spelling test. Spelling needs to be taught and not caught. Learning to spell is not simply regurgitating 10 or 20 words and ‘getting them right on the day’. It is all about being able to use and apply in everyday writing. The Make it Right series enables children to understand the meaning of words as well as how to spell them.

At under £25, ‘Make it Right’ gives good value for money as a photocopiable resource.

My staff are very eager to use the Make it Right series to: support children who have gaps in their spelling; provide targeted phonic and spelling reinforcement; develop children’s ability to identify and correct misspelled words.

Make it Right (Introductory Level and Level One)
Two new photocopiable books by Ceri Williams, part of Violet Brand's Spelling Made Easy series, £24 each from www.spellingmadeeasy.co.uk/make-right/
(Two new titles expected at Easter.)

Rachel Orr is a primary headteacher in the North East of England