Flexiscreen Lite

Based in Lisbon, Vicoustic is Portuguese technology company specialising in "acoustic solutions" for recording studios, educational institutions and individual sound engineers and recording enthusiasts. Products range from large treated wooden panels to foam disks - Combo Feet - that can be placed under recording equipment to dampen vibration and minimise sound distortion. Flexi Screen Lite is, as the name suggests, an inexpensive, lightweight version of the popular Flexi Screen model and has been designed for use in acoustically untreated room.

The polyurethane acoustic foam panel is intended to be arranged in a semi-circle around a microphone and performs, says Vicoustic, a two-fold function. Within the semi-circle the foam absorbs the singer’s vocal energy resulting in a less ambient sound. The outside face of the foam reduces background sound within the room.

Measuring approximately 70cm x 35cm and 5cm thick, the unit is easily transportable and can be assembled in seconds. Unpack it, arrange in a semi-circle and slip the supplied aluminium microphone holder into one of the grooves that run through the foam. Ideal, Vicoustic suggests for “location-based recording venues, project studios and classrooms”. Also perhaps, for any podcaster looking for that more professional sounding production.

A word of caution. The slate-grey foam unit looks remarkably like the sort of packaging that is wrapped around many electronic products. If you do order a Flexi Screen Lite don’t be stupid enough to throw away the acoustically treated baby with the bathwater. This reviewer nearly did!

Flexi Screen Lite, £65 (Inc VAT)
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