By Sally McKeown
Kudlian Software's 'Weather Studio'Kudlian Software's 'Weather Studio'Snow blanketed the whole of the UK in the first weeks of January. While this was a nuisance for many visitors to the annual BETT show at Olympia, it provided a good opportunity for Warwickshire software publisher Kudlian Software to publicise its latest product.

Weather Studio is a nice simple program that lets children record a weather forecast or details of sporting fixtures and make them look and sound totally professional.

There are maps of the UK, weather graphics , information about pollen counts (remember those?), night maps and sports symbols. Pupils build up a series of slides and write their scripts. One pupil acts as presenter, standing in front of the "chroma" screen and reading from the built-in teleprompt while another advances the slides on the computer.

The images are superimposed on he background, creating a thoroughly professional broadcast. This can be used for speaking and listening, literacy, MFL and cross-curricular ICT. The software costs £44.95 and Kudlian can provide the chroma screen for £60, so it is well within budget for even  a small school.

With heavy snow on the first day of Bett, Kudlian Software's Weather Studio was picked out and featured on Teacher's TV coverage of the show. Well they do say "It's an ill wind that blows no good.'

More information

Kudlian Software is running an Animate To The Beat competition to support primary schools to get involved in the DCSF's "Tune in – Year of Music" promotion.