Becta's public defence of its extraordinary awards judgement that The Three Little Cowboy Builders book and CD-Rom is offensive to Muslims and builders is contradicted by one of its very own websites. Curriculum Online describes the same product as "engaging", and "with narration and supporting resources to inspire children to become authors and create their own pop-up books". No mention is made of any offensiveness.

Hugh John reviews Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9

It’s a little scary when you come across speech recognition software that has the contextual nous to differentiate between Foxx and fox, but that’s what Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 can do.

Say, “Jamie Foxx the actor” and you’ll get the double-X version, mention, “furry fox” and you’ll get the single X. Doubtless this sort of acumen can be explained in terms of word nets, relevant vocabulary and databases but it’s still very impressive. Good Dragon.

Livescribe Pulse penDon’t bin your pens yet but that day may be coming sooner than you think for those of us who rely on written notes - people like journalists or students for example. “I want one,” was the chorus around a meeting this week at which consultant Tom Weaver gave an impromptu demonstration of his new Livescribe Pulse pen and the paper pad that came with it (pictured, and below).