A road trip to Holland convinced Hugh John of the value of Elgato's mobile TV gadgets
TivizenTivizen: for instant TV on devices and PCsElagto is on a roll. Its EyeTV mobile device topped the Sunday Times' Top Ten Gadgets of 2011, and it has just announced its first gaming product, the Elgato Game Capture HD (see bottom of page) for simple recording of sessions for gamers to share them on YouTube (some games channels record billions of hits!).

So it could be easy to miss Tivizen, a sleek, compact black box (think small pack of playing cards or iPod touch) is EyeTV’s sibling and can transform your iPad and iPhone into an on-the-hoof television set. It also works with desktop Macs and Windows PCs.

They come with a smart pedigree – MIT – and Sifteo cubes did not disappoint John Galloway
Sifteo packSifteo cubes work over wireless from a computerSifteo cubes are clever new devices originating from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a world leader in innovation: six little blocks, about 5cm square and 1cm deep (each with its own video screen) that work together to generate a whole host of activities for all sorts of ages, abilities and purposes.

For a start there are a number of logic puzzles, such as Chroma Lite which necessitates bringing the blocks together to pop bubbles of adjoining colours. While is sounds easy it gradually gets harder, especially as more cubes are introduced, but with fewer bubbles.

A revamped, less-complicated 'Clicker' with word predictor is essential viewing for John Galloway
, from Crick Software, is a program that has been popular for many years, partly because of its usefulness in helping to create more inclusive classrooms. But also because it has continued to develop, each version maintaining the essential elements of the Crick brand and building on them to provide something better.

This sixth iteration is no exception and is a must-see for anyone working in special needs.

As Adobe launches CS6 and its cloud dazzlers, Hugh John looks at one of schools' best software deals 
Adobe's Kevin Lynch Adobe's Kevin Lynch places people into scenes to demo new appsAdobe's global launch of its new Creative Cloud online service and Creative Suite 6 (CS6) software has turned many heads. There was genuine astonishment at the London demos (see videos below) with the realisation of what can be achieved on desktops and tablets with the new generation of application and apps.

In the rush to embrace the new, however, it would be foolish to overlook what remains one of the outstanding education resources and tremendous value for money into the bargain, namely the Adobe Digital Schools Collection.

Just when they thought Windows phones were finished, along came Mango...
HTC TitanHTC Titan with Windows MangoOne of the best, and funniest, technologies that came my way in 2011 was a loan HTC Titan Windows 7.5 Manga phone. Funny because of the looks on the faces of Apple iOS and Android aficionados when: told that respected Microsoft contacts said Mango would be impressive; hands-on experience showed it was true, and Microsoft designers could “think different”.

Maybe a retrospective “How could we have done it differently?” sparked the inspiration, because Mango is fresh, effective and surprising. And it was a challenging brief to come up with something to rival the leading Apple and Android mobile phone benchmarks.