Chris Drage finds a rich source of one of his favourite teaching resources – world stories
The Traditional Storyteller screenshot'The Traditional Storyteller' brings stories to mobile devicesChildren of all ages love being told stories. Storytelling is immediate, presents no barriers to enjoyment and encourages participation by insisting on the recipient picturing the scenes and characters in his or her own mind.  It is deeply woven within all human cultures.

Sadly, storytelling is a highly skilled art form which many busy teachers find difficult to achieve in the classroom. Bring on The Story Spinner, a resource accessible to children of all ages and abilities and one which has already enjoyed huge success with children with special needs and English as an additional language.

Clare Seccombe welcomes a software program that helps non-specialist teachers
Clicker Spanish screenshotPrimary languages have been with us for some time, and most primary schools teach them to pupils at key stage 2. For many schools, the language will be French. A number of schools, however, opt to teach Spanish, and they often take this decision for the very best of reasons – it’s the language children are more likely to use when they and their families go abroad.

Most language teaching at key stage 2 is done by classroom teachers, most of whom are non-specialist. They may perhaps know some holiday Spanish, but might not have the knowledge or confidence to be able to teach it effectively. Clicker Spanish could be the solution they have been looking for.

Avantis readies Android tablets for schools with LearnPad version 3 – Chris Drage reports
LearnPadAvantis can customise Android tablets LearnPad, the 10-inch interactive touch-screen tablet computer designed specifically for use in schools, continues to evolve, much to the benefit of all potential school users. It now offers a secure teacher screen and the ability to directly launch files from its fully customisable, ‘SafeStart’ student interface.

It sports a new and better graphical layout and there is an ever-expanding library of new educational content. All this adds up to a huge competitive advantage over other tablets marketed primarily for the retail market.

'Webcam Laboratory' does for webcams what Dr Who did for the phonebox. Roger Frost is impressed
Webcam Laboratory screenshot'Webcam Laboratory' enables measurement of small objectsWebcam Laboratory
is a surprising piece of software that turns your regular web camera, costing you little or no extra money, into a fabulous tool to record or measure. You instantly get a time-lapse camera; a tool for kinetics and a real-life data-logger.

Everything is easy to master but the most familiar is a ‘time-lapse’ feature where you can film, say, clouds moving in the sky. The only thing to do is fix the camera steady and set the program to take a snap every few seconds. In the same way you could record the movement of the sun through the day or catch a flower opening in the morning. And of course you can choose to set the thing to start tomorrow or record from right now.

Microsoft education evangelist Dan Roberts espouses some multi-mouse magic – and it's free
 Microsoft Mouse MischiefIn these tough economic times students, teachers and schools are feeling the pinch and looking out for cost-effective new ways of engaging learners. Ultimately they are seeking classroom innovation for free. Welcome to Mouse Mischief from Microsoft.

What is it? Mouse Mischief is an add-in for PowerPoint that lets teachers and students design interactive quizzes, questions, polls and slides with PowerPoint. And students can respond to them simply by the click of a mouse.