SMART BoardsWhiteboard registration to earn prizesWhen a new interactive whiteboad goes into a school who should sign up for the warranty? A teacher. ICT co-ordinator, school secretary or headteacher? Who takes 'ownership'?

SMART Technologies is so perplexeded by the low number of guarantees requested for its whiteboards that it has launched free prize draws for school customers who register online for their free three-year on-site warranty which includes an additional two-year return-to-base promise.

Chris Drage goes on an efficiency drive with new monitoring devices from Data Harvest
We recently came come through the coldest winter for 30 years. Most school buildings are ageing and nowhere near as energy efficient as modern ones designed to be as comfortable and environmentally friendly as possible. Just how energy efficient is your school?

It makes a worthy investigation for upper key stage 2 and 3 students. And with Data Harvest’s help, collecting that data has become a realistic project.

StoryPhoneBy Sally McKeown
When you see StoryPhones, they seem such a good idea that you cannot imagine why they didn’t happen earlier. Their creator Eleanor Johnson must be a very sensible person. She was an early years teacher at South Stanley Infants School in County Durham and found it very irritating that the audio kit was stuck in one area of the classroom.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put an MP3 player in a flexible rubberised headset and then children could listen to sound anywhere in the classroom? And wouldn’t it be nice to have the headsets in lots of bright attractive colours instead of a dull grey? Probably lots of teachers have had similar thoughts but Eleanor also had the good sense to marry an electrical engineer.

Chris Drage finds much to celebrate in 'Inspiration 9'
screen Inspiration 9The Inspiration program has been around for a considerable time and has undergone evolution to the point where the professionally tuned Version 9 has a huge amount to offer all key stage 3-4 and special needs students – and teachers too.

Inspiration 9 is software for visual mapping, outlining, writing and making presentations. It is an exceptionally good thinking and learning tool for visual communication. With it you can brainstorm ideas, structure thoughts and, using both the Diagram and Map views, visually communicate concepts to strengthen understanding.

Jonathan Boyle greets a new version of a classic presentation program
Screen Camtasia Studio 7Camtasia Studio 7 is now far more than a piece of software for screen capture. It is a fusion of screen capture, video editing and presentation software.

This application fashions a unique identity into your work, one that is valued by others. As a teacher, it has allowed me to create richer presentations for my students and record them and share them across networks.