IGGY 'gifted and talented' service brings in technology for transformation and global reach
Jamey WalkerJaney Walker: 'challenge, inspire, connect'Warwick University’s work with “gifted and talented” young people is being transformed to take it global. Directing the project is Janey Walker who, in her former role as head of education with Channel 4, brought radical changes to its services for schools and young people and introduced multi-platform broadcasting.

The new entity, IGGY, is an online education network for gifted 13 to 18-year-olds which launches in the autumn following its first conference, “Global and Gifted 2012”, this wek (July 4) at Warwick University. The conference will help IGGY further develop its community and network before the September launch of the new website.

John Johnston finds the ultimate mobile blogging app, from Radiowaves – and its free
MakeWaves'MakeWaves': ideal blog tool for Glow 2?I've been aware of Radiowaves – used by more than 50,000 pupils for safe posting of podcasts and videos – for a long time. It was one of my inspirations for Radio Sandaig and started me podcasting.

At the BETT show in January, Radiowaves’ Mark Riches told me they were working on an app for iPad and iPod Touch – MakeWaves. Now it’s out and it’s free – and I’m really impressed.

Sal McKeown dips into an interactive online novel for school readers – and is hooked
Fiction ExpressPlot development by online votesAs an English student, one of my specialist areas was serialisation and the Victorian novel. Much like today's soap operas, they were written in parts, with little idea of how and where the story would end. They just knew they had to write 24 monthly parts.

The plot was influenced by audience opinion so minor characters might suddenly assume a major role. Fall out with the public and there could be a sudden, drawn-out deathbed scene. Now that art has been revived online with Fiction Express.  A chapter is published on a Friday and readers have until 3 pm on Tuesday to vote on options for the next thrilling instalment.

Sal McKeown is impressed by an imaginative reading scheme created for struggling readers
DocksideDockside from Rising Stars is a mixed media, "second chance" reading scheme aimed at older primary and secondary pupils who are struggling to read.

Jointly developed with schools and nasen with a soap theme, it has already won national recognition – the 2012 ERA award for Best Special Educational Needs resource.

'Twig Science' picked up awards at BETT and the Education Show. Sue Branson knows why
TwigWhen I first looked at Twig Science it was as part of the new resources that get sent to science departments throughout any academic year. I don’t always spend time evaluating them, as often the time is wasted and there is always precious little of it anyway! However, thank goodness I did.

Twig is presented as an online resource offering “outstanding short films on science”. We are always interested in new video content for the classroom and so I went to the website to take a look. Within a few clicks, I was mesmerised by its simple, clean-looking, vibrant pages that immediately caught my eye and made me want to delve deeper.