Adobe creates new online community to support and inspire teachers
Adobe Education ExchangeAdobe Education Exchange: inspirationUS creative software giant Adobe has launched the Adobe Education Exchange, a new online community where teachers in the UK can share advice, training and inspiration for the use of creative digital tools in the classroom.

The company’s research has revealed the need for digital creativity in the classroom, and the new online community is intended to support teachers and their schools as they cope with budget cuts and the withdrawal of local authority curriculum and ICT support.

"The best of the many books on the future of schools that I have read"
Peter Twining reviews Keri Facer's
Learning Futures: Education, technology and social change

Learning FuturesMany people recognise that current education systems are not meeting the needs of individuals and ‘society', and many books have been written about the future of education. The dominant discourse within most of these starts from the premise that new technologies have transformed the world (outside school), creating a global economy.

Google's Dream Teachers are getting big hits on YouTube, but most students and many teachers can't see them
Jazzy BJazzy B: ICT should be taken more seriouslyMusician and producer Jazzy B, a Jami's Dream teacher and now a mentor at his local London school, paid tribute to teachers and the importance of ICT for learning and teaching when he presented Google's winning Dream Teachers with their awards (£3,000 each and £7,000 for each of their schools for their winning YouTube videos).

But Google's UK boss Matt Brittin revealed a major company concern: that despite widespread acceptance of the importance of video for learning and teaching, "YouTube is blocked for 87 per cent of students and 52 per cent of teachers".

The Education Blog Awards 2011 are handpicked by teachers' peers and a panel of experts
Education Blog AwardsThere are no big cash or technology prizes, no celeb photo opportunities, but there is no mistaking the prestige of the UK's Education Blog Awards 2011 which have just been announced. The judges – Ollie Bray, John Davitt, Paula Hubbard, Tim Rylands and Margaret Vass – had to work through a shortlist of 40 blogs whittled down from more than 300 nominations that had attracted 3,600 online votes.

"All of the blogs were of astonishing quality," says Chris Ratcliffe from sponsor Scholastic Education (the other sponsors are PrimaryBlogger and Creative Blogs). "It was a pleasure to be a part of it, and to promote school blogging.

'The New Technologies Handbook for Schools' ties future to past for Gerald Haigh
As a child, I was fascinated by a very thick book of my grandfather’s called Enquire Within Upon Everything, with answers to just about every question you could think of. So comprehensive was it that my Grandma was dubious about my interest – I guess she was suspicious that “Everything” might include, well, “that”. She never interfered though, and nothing remotely approaching “that” was in there.

Why did I think of Grandfather’s book? Because Paul Haigh’s new e-book is, in the nicest possible way, its own sort of Enquire Within Upon Everything, covering as it does just about the entirety of school ICT, from vision to practical reality, and always with a careful eye on the key business of learning.