'The New Technologies Handbook for Schools' ties future to past for Gerald Haigh
As a child, I was fascinated by a very thick book of my grandfather’s called Enquire Within Upon Everything, with answers to just about every question you could think of. So comprehensive was it that my Grandma was dubious about my interest – I guess she was suspicious that “Everything” might include, well, “that”. She never interfered though, and nothing remotely approaching “that” was in there.

Why did I think of Grandfather’s book? Because Paul Haigh’s new e-book is, in the nicest possible way, its own sort of Enquire Within Upon Everything, covering as it does just about the entirety of school ICT, from vision to practical reality, and always with a careful eye on the key business of learning.

Leon CychLeon Cych: 'selfless workforce'The last formal online traces of the most comprehensive collection of TV programmes (more than 3,500) on teaching and learning have just disappeared with the axing of the Teachers TV website by the Coalition Government. But a group of UK teachers has succeeded in downloading all 4,000 or so videos and materials to share with other educators online.

One of the organisers of the rescue mission, Leon Cych, of Learn 4 Life, says, "In four days a group of determined teachers have literally 'saved' Teachers TV. Imagine a whole workforce as determined and selfless as them. I think our current generation of children are in good hands."

Oxford UniversityInterest in online learning has never been greater, and the University of Oxford has just launched a new continuing professional development (CPD) course to help teachers with online tutoring.

"Effective Online Tutoring" is a new seven-week online CPD course from the University of Oxford's CPD Centre that will run over the summer.

teachers tvThe UK's key provider of high-quality  TV programmes for schools has become a victim of Coalition Government cuts. Teachers TV, which has more than 4,000 subscribers, will close its website on April 29 following the termination of its contract, worth around £10.7 million a year, by the Department for Education.

Where is still uncertainty about the future of the materials – thought to be made up of around 4,000 15-minute videos and related content – and a brief statement by the DfE gives little guidance, a group of teachers have downloaded all of them to share with other teachers. (see below and #saveTTV on Twitter.)

Hugh John goes to his keyboard – and Amazon – for an instant immersion in Latin music
Cover “Those who can do, those who can’t, teach.” Ah, but it ain’t necessarily so, Bernard. And it certainly doesn’t apply to Tim Richards and John Crawford de Cominges, joint authors of Exploring Latin Piano (South American, Cuban and Spanish Rhythms for the intermediate pianist).

Contrary to Mr Shaw’s infamous adage, there are those who do AND teach, and these include John and Tim, stalwarts of the British Latin and jazz scene, bandleaders, composers and colleagues at Goldsmith College, University of London (John introduced the first UK Latin Piano course there in 1998).