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Core values motor Co-op's ambitious high-tech education plans
What connects a big yellow school bus, tailored apps for refugees and a big shed in Folkestone?

An innovative project, prompted by social media, to provide a pop-up Co-op school for those stranded in the Calais refugee camp, an idea which expresses the values and principles of a powerful, growing movement in state schools.

ETAG cartoon

Lack of political engagement brings Etag to a DIY route to effective tech in education
When a former top civil servant describes as "appalling" the absence of the Department for Education (DfE) from a public education ICT policy event involving the work of the Educational Technology Action Group (Etag), it's worth paying attention.

And when an OECD report, which found that massive investments in ICT for school have not improved learning, with a foreword, from PISA boss Andreas Scheicher, urging: “To deliver on the promises technology holds, countries need to invest more effectively and ensure that teachers are at the forefront of designing and implementing this change”, alarm bells should be ringing for anyone involved in UK education. (Artwork, Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig,

Iraqi childrenIraqi refugee children shelter in Syria in 2012 (photo James Gordon via Wikimedia Commons) - millions of children are out of school

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are crucial - and need to gel with the learning in schools too

It took media photos of a dead Syrian child washed up on a beach to jolt many people into recognising the awful plight of refugees. But how many people know that 57 million children are currently out of primary education?

There is only one organisation capable of co-ordinating a solution, and that is the United Nations. Which is why "Preparing a Better World", the 14th Education Fast Forward debate, (September 24, 1-3pm BST) was devoted to the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Great practice is often hidden away. John Galloway enjoys finding it and sharing
Flitch Green AcademyFlitch Green learners: 'wanted to be sure we properly appreciated what they did'Sharing is at the very heart of education. It is ingrained in the process of learning and a fundamental aspect of what schools and teachers do, as we found when researching our book, Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies, which has just won the Best Book award from Teach Secondary.

No matter who we spoke to, teachers, academics, researchers, experts or learners, everyone was only too willing to help. Perhaps it was the thought of being included in a book, but I think it was much more about it being something that everyone in education just does, naturally.

A long time coming – acceptance that it's not about the ICT but changing the learning and teaching
Interviewing Anthony SalcitoLearning with ICT: Microsoft’s Anthony Salcito in the Broadclyst TV studio hotseat. A previous incumbent was Michael Gover MP, grilled over funding the school hallThe OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has confirmed what advocates of ICT for learning have said for years – that putting computers in front of children does not improve results.

And OECD Pisa boss Andreas Schleicher, in his foreword to the new report Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection, spells out what’s needed – “To deliver on the promises technology holds, countries need to invest more effectively and ensure that teachers are at the forefront of designing and implementing this change.”